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Meet Rodrigo, our chief remote pilot here at Sky Perth, where he's been transforming aerial videography into captivating stories for over eight years. At the heart of Rodrigo's work lies a profound passion for both the art of flying and the art of storytelling. This combination has led his work to be featured on platforms like Netflix, Stan, AppleTV+, Disney+, SBS On Demand, and even internationally with ZDF in Germany.

Rodrigo's aerial videography and photography journey is a testament to his dedication to mastering this unique craft. From capturing the vast beauty of Australia's landscapes to the dynamic energy of urban life across the globe, his work offers viewers a fresh, sky-high perspective. It's not just about the technical expertise of handling a drone; for Rodrigo, every flight is an opportunity to tell a story, to reveal the unseen, and to share a new viewpoint with the world.

Renowned for his collaborative spirit and innovative approach, Rodrigo brings more than technical skills to every project at Sky Perth. Whether working on a documentary, a TV series, or a bespoke project, his focus remains on creating visuals that resonate deeply with audiences. His commitment to quality and ability to capture the heart of a story make him a skilled pilot and a storyteller of the skies.

Do you want to know more about Rodrigo? Check his website: rodmatsumoto.com

Aerial photography is a unique and captivating type of photography that captures stunning images from unique perspectives. It can be used to take pictures from the sky, whether it’s from helicopters, aeroplanes, or drones. Learning about aerial photography can help you understand all the different types of equipment and techniques used to capture beautiful aerial images. Let’s dive into some basics for those just getting started in this art form!


Types of Aircraft Used in Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can be done using three common types of aircraft: helicopters, planes, and drones. Each type of aircraft has its advantages and limitations when it comes to aerial photography.

Helicopters are great for shooting aerial photos because they offer more control than other aircraft options. They can hover in one spot for more extended periods while photographers adjust their shots without having to move around as much. However, they tend to be more expensive than other options because they require a pilot’s license to operate them safely.

Planes are another option for aerial photography, but they have some limitations compared to helicopters. Planes can fly higher than helicopters so that photographers can capture larger landscapes. Still, the plane must continue moving at all times to stay airborne, so there is less opportunity for fine-tuning shots mid-air than with a helicopter.

Drones have become increasingly popular for aerial photography due to their affordability and ease of use. Drones are powered by a battery (or batteries) and controlled remotely with a remote controller or smartphone app, so they don’t require additional licenses or certifications like helicopters do. They also offer more manoeuvrability than planes but may get lower up in the air than an aeroplane would, which may limit the type of shots photographers can capture with them depending on their location and desired photo angle.


Equipment & Software Used In Aerial Photography

Aside from the type of aircraft used in aerial photography, other equipment is also needed, including cameras and software for editing photos or videos after they have been captured mid-air! For cameras, photographers usually opt for digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex – DSLR) cameras which deliver high-quality images but come with a hefty price tag if you want the best quality images possible. Regarding software, professional photographers often use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom due to its wide range of features that allow photographers to make small adjustments or large edits depending on what type of effect they’re looking for post-shoot.


Aerial photography is an exciting way to capture stunning landscape photos from unique perspectives without climbing mountains or hiking through forests! From drones powered by battery packs and controlled with smartphones apps, helicopters operated by licensed pilots, or aeroplanes soaring hundreds of feet above ground level – there are endless possibilities when it comes to capturing incredible photos from above! Check some examples of projects we used the aircraft mentioned above on our Sky Perth Aerial page. Whether you’re planning a real estate shoot or wanting promotional material for your event coverage business – understanding the basics behind equipment and techniques will help you get started on your journey towards mastering this art form!

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