About the author : Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto

Rodrigo is a talented Chief Remote Pilot at Sky Perth, a top-notch video production company based in Perth. With over seven years of experience in the field, Rodrigo has established himself as a creative and innovative producer, delivering captivating content for various platforms, including Netflix, Stan, AppleTV+, Disney+, SBS On Demand, and ZDF (German television broadcaster).

With a deep passion for aerial videography and photography, Rodrigo leverages his technical expertise to produce stunning visuals for a range of clients. His extensive portfolio showcases his ability to tell compelling stories through visual storytelling, making him a valuable asset to the Sky Perth team.

Rodrigo's professional, friendly approach and bold vision make him a sought-after producer. Whether working on documentaries or TV series, Rodrigo's commitment to delivering high-quality content is evident in every project he takes on.

Check Rodrigo's website: rodmatsumoto.com

Welcome to our cinema drone aerial services showreel 2023!

Our skilled team of drone pilots has captured breathtaking shots of Perth using top-notch cinema drones. In this video, we invite you on a visual adventure through the skies, showcasing some of the most stunning aerial views.

At Sky Perth, we commit to delivering exceptional aerial services for all types of productions. Whether you require aerial footage for a film, commercial, documentary, or anything else, we have the expertise and equipment to provide high-quality results. Our dedicated team works hard to overcome video production challenges, ensuring each shot is perfect and offering you awe-inspiring visuals to take your production to the next level.

We hope this showreel demonstrates what we can provide and inspires you to choose Sky Perth for all your aerial filming needs. Discover how drones, helicopters, and aeroplanes are transforming film production and get a taste of high-speed adventures with our 2023 FPV showreel.

For more information about our services and to contact us, hit the button below.

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