About the author : Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto

Rodrigo is a talented Chief Remote Pilot at Sky Perth, a top-notch video production company based in Perth. With over seven years of experience in the field, Rodrigo has established himself as a creative and innovative producer, delivering captivating content for various platforms, including Netflix, Stan, AppleTV+, Disney+, SBS On Demand, and ZDF (German television broadcaster).

With a deep passion for aerial videography and photography, Rodrigo leverages his technical expertise to produce stunning visuals for a range of clients. His extensive portfolio showcases his ability to tell compelling stories through visual storytelling, making him a valuable asset to the Sky Perth team.

Rodrigo's professional, friendly approach and bold vision make him a sought-after producer. Whether working on documentaries or TV series, Rodrigo's commitment to delivering high-quality content is evident in every project he takes on.

Check Rodrigo's website: rodmatsumoto.com

Welcome to Sky Perth’s newest addition – the Stock Videos section! We’re thrilled to introduce our curated collection of stock video footage, promising quality and variety that can bring your project to life. Whether you’re here to buy a stock video or you’re exploring stock footage sites, we have a comprehensive selection that covers a multitude of scenarios and aesthetics. Let us delve into the key advantages of procuring footage directly from Sky Perth.

Instant Downloads

Our instant download feature is one of the primary reasons to choose us as your go-to for stock footage. Say goodbye to long processing periods or waiting for physical shipments. Complete your transaction and immediately access your desired 4k stock video or high-quality stock footage. We know meeting deadlines is crucial, and we’re here to help you do that efficiently.

Regulation Compliance

Sky Perth’s stock video footage is not just about speed but also about the assurance of legal and regulatory compliance. We strictly adhere to CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) rules and local regulations during shooting. Hence, you can trust that our best stock video sites have legally obtained the footage, eliminating potential legal complications.

Appropriate Permits

Moreover, we prioritize obtaining all necessary filming permits, adding another layer of legal security. This attention to detail ensures you can use our best stock video without worries about copyright or filming rights issues. Also, operating under a full license (CASA.ReOC.0979) and being insured are testaments to our professionalism and commitment to industry standards.

Support Local Business

By purchasing from us, you are not only investing in high-definition, professional-grade video stock, but you are also supporting a local business. This act promotes the local economy and ensures the continuous production of regulation-compliant, high-quality stock footage.

Wide Selection

The variety in our stock footage library is an advantage you wouldn’t want to miss. Our extensive collection will suit your unique requirements, from aerial videos using drones, aeroplanes and helicopters to cinematic stock footage. Sky Perth is your one-stop shop, eliminating the need to source from multiple providers.

To sum it up, choosing Sky Perth means selecting a service that values legal compliance, instant access, professional quality, and excellent customer service. With our comprehensive range, you can get everything from unlimited stock footage, long stock videos and even specific requests.

Explore our new Stock Videos section today and experience the Sky Perth difference. Let us be your reliable source for premium and best video stock footage.

Welcome on board! Let’s make your creative visions come alive.

Are you in search of footage from specific places? Sky Perth Team is eager to help. We would love to hear from you if you have any particular requirements or requests.


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