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About the project

The Parramatta Eels project was a groundbreaking initiative to capture the energy and enjoyment of children playing Rugby League. The campaign’s tone of voice was progressive, cool, and aspirational, emphasising fun.

The Sky Perth Team, having flown from Perth to Sydney, spent two days on this project, one for rehearsal and another for shooting. Our robust planning process, including meetings and storyboarding, was crucial in comprehending and delivering on the client’s vision.

A core concept of this project was inclusivity. We ensured a fair representation of all PJRL Clubs and featured both boys and girls. Additionally, we highlighted cultural diversity by featuring children from various backgrounds.

We utilised advanced filming technology, an approach unprecedented in Australian sport, to make the viewers feel like they’re ‘part of the game’. This immersive technique was aimed at inspiring parents and carers to register their children to play, leveraging FOMO (The fear of missing out) as a key motivator.

Several challenges were tackled head-on during the project. Operating drones close to people required specific permits, making us the first company in Australia to receive approval from CASA to use First Person View (FPV) drones near people and Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drones at Class 1 level. Additionally, working with children prone to losing focus quickly was a hurdle we successfully overcame.


Kilometres from Perth to Sydney return


(boys and girls)


Crashes, only!


FPV and normal drones


Achieved Goals

Our success was underpinned by effective team communication facilitated by wireless headsets. One team member, dressed like a Parramatta Eels member, interacted with the kids and, in coordination with the FPV Drone pilot, could launch the drone to fly for certain shots.

This innovative project has set a new standard for sports videography in Australia and has showcased the joy of playing Rugby League to a broad audience.

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