About the project

For more than a quarter of a century, Dr Norman has pursued the ocean’s mightiest fish, the mysterious whale shark, with fascination, love and a single-minded dedication to its protection.

Sky Perth were engaged by UK production Proudfoot on behalf of Rolex to film a follow up documentary “Heroes of the Oceans” on the continual research carried out by Dr Brad Norman.

Shooting great wildlife footage is challenging as you’re dealing with animals that can be unpredictable. Locating a whale shark in open ocean is no easy task. It took a spotter plane, fellow operators, Exmouth locals, countless hours, extreme patience and perfect positioning to capture incredible imagery. 

+ 75,000


+ 12,000


+ 9,000

Scientists and researchers


Achieved Goals

We were responsible for all aspects of the production including, ground based, aerial and underwater imagery in addition to sound recording and in-depth interviews. The results were incredible, the crew worked seamlessly, and the shoot was a huge success to produce a powerful piece of cinematography.

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