About the project

This ground-breaking three-part series puts the spotlight on the human impact and the thirst for innovation and technology that turned us into the most influential life form on Earth. It’s why this period in our planet’s history is also known as the Anthropocene — the age when human activities have started to change the planet’s own systems.

German Broadcaster ZDF TV engaged Sky Perth to join them on a 3-week leg of their global documentary production about Climate Change. Travelling over 4,000 kms and visiting 6 locations along the Western Australian coastline, we were responsible for providing ultra-high-definition aerial and underwater content. Shooting in 6k RAW with the DJI Inspire 2 allowed ZDF the highest quality available for their post-production.

+ 400

Hours of project

+ 4,000

kilometres travelled


Provide ultra-high definition content


Achieved Goals

We worked hard and fast, with constant shooting opportunities arising, agility and ability to excel under pressure ensured premium results.

As a result, the series performed exceptionally well in festival competitions all around the world.

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