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Our video production services use creative cinematography to tell your story.


From online campaigns to digital content, we provide strategic planning and execution to make your message resonate in today’s interconnected world.

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Head of Marketing and Communications


Sky Perth has taken our marketing content to the next level, with genuinely breathtaking photography and video of our vessels being rolled out, launched and at sea.

Austal’s social media channels have literally exploded with new subscribers and followers, with some videos going viral – unheard of for a shipbuilding company.


Communications Advisor


The Sky Perth team has helped reinvigorate the look and feel of our brand through incredible photography and videography.

The team are a delight to work with. They capture our vision every time and make it come to life with ease.

Cannot fault the quality of their work.


Digital Channels Lead | Corporate Communications


The City of Perth requires high-resolution, impressive shots of the Perth city for a number of publications and purposes. Sky Perth consistently delivers high-quality, unique imagery that can be used over and over – providing value for money.

Sky Perth are always on time, diligent and creative in their approach. Over the last six years, we have partnered with Sky Perth on multiple occasions, capturing our everchanging City so beautifully.


Social Media Manager


We engaged Sky Perth for a large-scale content shoot at one of our resort properties on Rottnest Island. Sky Perth team were friendly, helpful and highly professional. It was a great pleasure to work closely with the crew and experience their “let’s get the job done – rain, hail or shine” attitude.

The team were supportive with our pre-production planning and offered insights about the WA region where needed, and the delivery of assets was quick & simple with no edit request too hard. We can’t wait to work with Sky Perth again to bring more of our beautiful properties to life!

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Living in Perth is fantastic on its own, but being able to film dolphins adds an incredible layer to the experience 🐬💕
#skyperth #cityofperth #perthisok #cityoflight #wathedreamstate
Rottnest Island is the ultimate summer destination. Its pristine waters and white sands make it a beautiful place to enjoy the best of what summer offers. What are your plans for the next few days? 😍
#rottnestisland #summerdays #pristinewaters #whitesands #beautifulplace #skyperth #seeaustralia #westernaustralia
Discover love and beauty at Perth’s iconic Blue Boat House this Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️
#skyperth #cityofperth #perthisok #cityoflight #wathedreamstate #valentines #valentineday
Summer days in Fremantle are like stepping into a vibrant painting. Turquoise waters glitter under the sun, while people bask in the warmth. It’s the essence of a hot, blissful day.
#skyperth #fremantle #summerinaustralia #turquoisewaters #sunbathing #hotday #westernaustralia #seeaustralia
As the sun sets, Perth's CBD buildings stand tall against a backdrop of soft, cotton candy clouds. A serene end to the day in the city of light.
#sunset #perth #cbd #cottoncandyclouds #skyperth #cityofperth #perthisok #cityoflight #wathedreamstate

More Perth photos 👉 https://bit.ly/3ulMJK7
Shoalwater Bay shines bright under the summer sun, offering a perfect day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures 😍
#skyperth #seeaustralia #westernaustralia #wathedreamstate #penguinislandwa
Sunset in Perth offers a breathtaking view like no other 💕
#sunset #perth #skyperth #cityofperth #perthisok #cityoflight #wathedreamstate
Summer days like these remind us to cherish the simple joys of life – blue skies, warm sunshine, and the freedom to explore 💕
#summerdays #blueskies #warmth #explore #skyperth #seeaustralia #comeandsaygday #wathedreamstate
Perth’s skyline glows softly under a breathtaking sunset, painting the city in warm, golden hues.
#perth #sunset #cityscape #skyperth #cityofperth #perthisok #cityoflight #wathedreamstate
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