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Crafting Visual Experiences That Resonate

Where Creativity
Meets Technology

Crafting Visual Experiences That Resonate

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FPV Drones

Capture stunning aerial shots with our FPV drone services: expert pilots & high-quality gear for exceptional filmmaking. Dare to fly!


Elevate your visuals with our drone services! Capture stunning aerial footage for films, documentaries and photography. Sky is not the limit for us!

Helicopters & Aeroplanes

Achieve extraordinary aerial visuals with our premium helicopter & aeroplane solutions. Take your creativity to new heights!

We got it, creating high-quality content can be tough.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Generating content consistently
  • Producing content on suitable platforms
  • Align assets with business goals
  • Poor engagement with it
  • Limited Resources

However, it does not need to be this way!

Do you need FPV Drone Services?

Sky Perth is the first company in Australia to receive approval from the CASA to operate First Person View (FPV) drones near people, as well as operate Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drones at Class 1 level. Are you in need of FPV drone services?

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Initiating a project can be exciting, but it often comes with many questions. The best way to gain clarity on your business goals is through open communication! You can book a free call with us, or if you’d prefer, we could meet in person over coffee. We love good coffee here!

Choose your service

The service you choose should have well-crafted branding that speaks to your desired clientele and runs seamlessly through all of your marketing channels.

Content Delivered

After you’ve put in the long hours and accomplished your goals, it’s time to enjoy your new clients and increased revenue. Relax knowing that things are only going to keep getting better from here.

Great Minds Think Alike: Unleashing Your Ideas with Stunning Visuals!

Connect with potential customers who share your values by captivating their attention through breathtaking visuals. Our team at SKY PERTH specializes in a range of creative services that will elevate your brand and engage your audience.

Let’s bring your ideas to life with eye-catching content, from high-quality photos and videos to innovative aerial services.

Are you ready to captivate your audience and elevate your brand?



Head of Marketing and Communications


Sky Perth has taken our marketing content to the next level, with genuinely breathtaking photography and video of our vessels being rolled out, launched and at sea.

Austal’s social media channels have literally exploded with new subscribers and followers, with some videos going viral – unheard of for a shipbuilding company.


Communications Advisor


The Sky Perth team has helped reinvigorate the look and feel of our brand through incredible photography and videography.

The team are a delight to work with. They capture our vision every time and make it come to life with ease.

Cannot fault the quality of their work.


Digital Channels Lead | Corporate Communications


The City of Perth requires high-resolution, impressive shots of the Perth city for a number of publications and purposes. Sky Perth consistently delivers high-quality, unique imagery that can be used over and over – providing value for money.

Sky Perth are always on time, diligent and creative in their approach. Over the last six years, we have partnered with Sky Perth on multiple occasions, capturing our everchanging City so beautifully.


Social Media Manager


We engaged Sky Perth for a large-scale content shoot at one of our resort properties on Rottnest Island. Sky Perth team were friendly, helpful and highly professional. It was a great pleasure to work closely with the crew and experience their “let’s get the job done – rain, hail or shine” attitude.

The team were supportive with our pre-production planning and offered insights about the WA region where needed, and the delivery of assets was quick & simple with no edit request too hard. We can’t wait to work with Sky Perth again to bring more of our beautiful properties to life!

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Perfect days look something like this! ☀️ Blessed with a stunning blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, the beauty of Perth never fails to inspire. The dazzling CBD buildings set the tone on the horizon, Langley Park adds a splash of lush green on the right, and the serene Swan River mirrors the sky to the left. You can't help but feel lucky to call such a place home.⠀
#wathedreamstate #cityofperth #perth #skyperth⠀
 @cityofperth @westernaustralia ⠀
Just flying low 💕
The view our friends from @wildwestcharters see everyday 😍

#skyperth #perth
@australias_southwest is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and untouched beaches. From the grandeur of its natural wonders to the serene tranquillity of its countryside, each vista stands as a testament to @westernaustralia 's pristine and unparalleled beauty.

Do you know any of these places? 😍
#wathedreamstate #seeaustralia #comesaygday #skyperth
Soaring above Swan River, embracing a glorious sunset's golden and pink hues. @CityofPerth 's beauty shines from every angle. 😍⁣
#cityofperth #wathedreamstate #perth #skyperth
A peaceful sunrise at Swan River, where the city wakes up 💕
#cityofperth #seeperth #wathedreamstate #skyperth
In Perth, it's not just about the destination, but also the journey and experiences along the way. To all wanderlust souls out there, put City Beach on your bucket list!
#wathedreamstate #perth #westernaustralia #citybeach #skyperth
How not to love this place 💕 @gondolasontheswan 
#cityofperth #wathedreamstate #skyperth #seeperth #perth
Perth’s iconic Swan River flows through the heart of the city, offering picturesque views. Do you agree? 😍
#perth #skyperth #wathedreamstate
We recently went on an unforgettable trip to @cityofmelbourne and captured breathtaking aerial photographs that showcase the city, Great Ocean Road and the iconic 12 Apostles in a new light. With special permission from Parks Victoria, we could fly our drones over the 12 Apostles and capture stunning views of the natural limestone structures rising majestically from the Southern Ocean. 
#melbourne #12apostles #skyperth
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