Book Overview

Embark on an Aerial Adventure
Discover the limitless potential of drone photography with our Chief Remote Pilot, Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto, an experienced drone photographer whose journey spans continents and cultures. This eBook serves as your comprehensive guide, turning the skies into your creative canvas.

Chapter Highlights

  • The World of Drones: Delve into the fascinating realm of drones, exploring different types, mastering basic operations, and learning the essentials of equipment care.
  • Camera Settings & Techniques: Uncover the secrets of camera resolution, shooting modes, and exposure settings to capture stunning aerial photographs.
  • Commanding the Sky: Learn the principles of drone aerodynamics, navigation, and flight, enabling you to capture breathtaking views from the skies.
  • Keeping it Legal and Safe: Navigate the complexities of drone regulations and safety, including CASA rules, obtaining a Remote Pilot Licence, and understanding no-fly zones.
  • Getting Creative with Drones: Unleash your creativity with lessons on perspectives, lighting, shadows, symmetry, and patterns in aerial photography.
  • Software Editing and Post-Production: Transform your raw images into works of art with guidance on selecting editing software, basic adjustments, and advanced editing techniques.
  • Building Your Portfolio: Get insights into showcasing your best work, storytelling, and leveraging social media to display your aerial photography prowess.
  • Elevating Passion into Profession: Transition from a hobbyist to a professional, focusing on skill honing, brand establishment, legal and business considerations.
  • Turning Aerial Photography into a Profitable Venture: Learn strategies to identify your niche, curate a signature portfolio, price your services, and diversify your revenue streams.

For Hobbyists and Pros Alike

Whether you’re starting your journey in drone photography or looking to add a lucrative skill to your professional portfolio, this eBook is tailored for you. With Rodrigo’s expertise, engage in a learning experience that combines technical know-how with creative insights.

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