drones, helicopter, marketing campaign, video production

About the project

Austal Ships approached us for this exceptional endeavour with a shared vision to capture moments that resonate and inspire. Known for their innovative shipbuilding solutions, Austal Ships’ LCS-30 arrival was monumental for various reasons.

It was one of the 19 Littoral Combat Ships built for the US Navy and the only US Navy vessel ever to be commissioned outside of the United States. This spoke volumes about the relationship between the USA and Australia and the ship’s deep-rooted Australian heritage.

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kilometres from Perth to Sydney


Helicopter, 1 Boat, 1 US Navy Ship, 1 AUS Navy Ship


Hours of planning for the success of the project


Achieved Goals

with this project

A promotional video and photos that found their way onto two pages of one of Australia’s premier newspapers. Our commitment to real-time delivery meant that clips were available on the very day for media and news outlets. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from Austal Ships was the cherry on top – a testament to the quality of work we strive for.

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